Professional Basingstoke enthusiast. (dachelle) wrote in drewgoddardfans,
Professional Basingstoke enthusiast.

Drew participates in Young Playwrights Festival

Drew served as a mentor for the The Blank Theatre Company Annual Young Playwrights Festival, a national competition dedicated to developing and producing musicals and plays by playwrights under age 19. Winners of the competition work with professional writers such as Drew to get their plays ready for public performance, and then have their plays performed in Los Angeles by professional actors. In the past, several Buffy stars, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters, have participated in this event. Drew's mentee was Daniel Gordh. His play, Sorely Missed: Archer and a Hopeful Encounter, will be produced at the Hudson Mainstage in Hollywood from June 16-19. For a full schedule and information on tickets, visit the Young Playwrights website.
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