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Drew Goddard Fans

Hide your babies and your beadwork.

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LJ devoted to discussion and general fangirly ramblings about ex-Mutant Enemy and current Alias staff writer "Ultimate Drew" Goddard. Pretty much anything goes here - news, episode discussion, photo, icon, and fanart posts are all welcome. If you are discussing a new episode of a show Drew has written, please put it behind an LJ cut for the week after it airs (and obviously spoilers go behind a cut, too). Also, large images need to go behind a cut to spare everyone's flist.

For more in-depth discussion on Drew's Buffy and Angel episodes, as well as other episodes written by writers in the Whedonverse, check out mutant_allies.
For more info on Alias, head to ABC's official site.
To chat about Lost, go to The Fuselage.